Just wanted to post this for those anyone having trouble with setting up Hylafax, and get the above message.I was able to specify the modem speed by guessing what it was in the faxaddmodem program:faxaddmodem -s 19200I also had to run:/usr/sbin/faxmodem ttyS0And fix the entry in /etc/inittabmo:2345:respawn:/usr/lib/fax/faxgetty /dev/ttyS0After I did this, it took the settings and my faxes sent.TipsTry: ps -aux | grep fax and it will show you some useful info. You should see something like the following:fax 4545 0.0 0.7 5044 1816 ? Ss 15:13 0:00 /usr/lib/fax/faxgetty /dev/ttyS0fax 5346 0.0 0.5 4944 1352 ? Ss 15:23 0:00 /usr/sbin/faxqfax 5349 0.0 0.4 4644 1140 ? Ss 15:23 0:00 /usr/lib/fax/hfaxd -i hylafax -o 4557 -s 444These URL’s are pretty handy:HylaFAXHylaFAX+Installing Hylafax Fax Serverlf196, Applications: The Easy Fax Server!Modem-HOWTO: Trying Out Your Modem (Dialing Out)