“A lot of people have laughed at me. Theysay that they buy their software onlyfrom very large companies and thatthese companies will be around forever.For these customers, I explain that I haveseen and often worked for very largecompanies that no longer exist or are nolonger in the same line of business aswhen I was acquainted with them, suchas Apollo, Wang, Data General, DigitalEquipment Corporation. Although it istrue that some of these companies werebought by other companies (e.g., the recentacquisition by Oracle of Sun Microsystems),whether products and entireproduct lines survived was the decisionof the purchasing company, not the customersusing the products.By purchasing closed-source technologies,these customers lost control of theirsoftware. In this day and age, that meansthe customers have lost control of theirbusiness or government."-Jon “Maddog” HallFrom:http://www.linux-magazine.com/w3/issue/107/091-091_maddog.pdf