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This $4.99 (USD) eBook describes a basic IMAP connection Ubuntu setup from mutt to control your Office 365 or Outlook mail. This should also work with Mac and other Linux flavors.

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What it includes:

  • Installation instructions for mutt and msmtp
  • Basic mutt configuration for Outlook (Outlook365/Office365)
  • msmtp configurion to send mail easily via mutt
  • Common troubleshooting steps.
  • Generous comments throughout the configuration files so you can tell what each line does

My next eBook will have advanced instructions which will include:

  • Offline version
  • Automatic login
  • Using the side-bar
  • Colors
  • Custom Hooks
  • Setting this up in a Docker container
  • Windows, Linux, Mac versions of the eBook
  • Querying AD, LDAP, Or Mac Address Book
  • Specific outbound firewall example (UFW, OpenBSD PF)
  • Screencast video of connecting, reading, and sending mail through mutt

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