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For me, it never fails. I go to purchase some sunglasses, put them on for a few seconds, and they look and feel good, so I go ahead and buy them. Then when I actually have to wear them for more than 5 minutes, the pressure from them behind my ears starts giving me a headache. To compensate for this illustrious feeling, I try moving and angling them. But it still freaking hurts, so freaking bad! Need sunglasses for a long road-trip, or a day outdoors? It’s gonna cost you a lot…in pain!

I just assumed that all sunglasses were made the same— for babies. I can’t tell you the countless pairs I’ve had over the years that have caused so much pain. I would sit there, and try to pry the glasses wider, only to either break them, or to no avail. I’ve put them over something wide to try and stretch them out, but because most are plastic, they would just bounce right back to baby-size. The metal ones I had would bend funny, and end up crooked, so they wouldn’t work either.

I even have a good friend who will always tease me that if I don’t put sunglasses on evenly, or if I don’t take them off carefully, they would shoot off my head like a bullet due to the pressure and flexation being released. He even made the sound, “PSHEWWWWW!!!!!”

Ladies and gentlemen, worry no longer, I finally found relief!

Amazon’s G&G Polarized BBST Big Head XXL Extra Wide 160mm Sunglasses Black Smoke

These puppies are 6.3 inches (160mm) wide, and give relief to even the biggest noggin’s. Of all the sunglasses I’ve had over the years, these have been the most comfortable for my gargantuan head. They actually might be a little too big! This is a great problem to have because of my last experience.

These are very comfortable (big and tall) sunglasses

G&G Polarized BBST Big Head XXL Extra Wide 160mm Sunglasses Black Smoke