Me In 30 Seconds:

I live by several mantras; I ain’t afeared of no man nor ghost. I don’t take no for an answer, no prisoners, and no crap from no one. When I foresee or detect any trouble, I proceed to kick butt, and stack’em 10 high!

Me in 300 seconds – If you are a slow reader

I like to have fun while working hard, and love God, family, technology, people, art, music and biking. I also love self-deprecating humor, and the other kinds–if there are any.

I’m one of those rare people with a weird balance of being both left and right-brained. I play well with others, remain calm in emergencies, and am a top performer whether alone or working with a team.

I’ve never been one to just sit on their laurels (whatever those are) waiting for things to happen. I enjoy working with people, learning new things, and engineering cool solutions.

I love working with people and technology, and specialize in technical leadership. A lot of what I do each day is craft innovative solutions and also help guide others in making great technical decisions.

Thank you!