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Recently, I have been collaborating with a few folks at work by sending them some music recommendations on Friday’s. One of them recommended that I go bigger, so here is a start:

Van Weezer

If you’ve ever seen Popular Mathmatics, you’ll get this combo. What happens when you combine two great bands together?

Van Halen + Weezer = Van Weezer

Van Weezer is the 14th studio album coming down the pipe from the band Weezer.

Ahh, Weezer takes me back to my younger days when I was working in the frozen foods department at a local grocery chain. Me and my buddies would have to load and unload supplies and stock the shelves. We were able to listen to tunes in the employee area of the store while we were working in the back.

One thing we did to prevent boredom was pickup the intercom phone and say random stuff into it, like “Robie One Kenobie, pick up the green line,” for a dude named Robie.

One time I held up this Lion King kids electronic-speaking-book and pressed a button. Not sure what folks thought of when they heard over the intercom, “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase” during their shopping experience. We thought it was pretty hilarious, and would say stupid stuff all the time.

Another one of my memories was listening to X96 in the walk in freezer, enjoying none other than —the infamous Weezer.