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What happens when you mix some great musicians from Primus, The Police, and Phish? Is it “P-cubed?” Or “P-To-The-Three?” As much fun as those play on words would be, the correct answer is Oysterhead.

Oysterhead is one of those infamous supergroups, consisting of Les Claypool, Stewart Copeland, and Trey Anastasio. This unlikely, bizarre trio came together to perform what should have been just a one-time jam session —but as luck would have it, they have performed together multiple times, and they recently announced an upcoming reunion slated for Feb of 2020!

They have some live recordings that are pretty sweet, like their show from Bonarroo in 2006.

Or how about this New Orleans performance from 2000?


You can also checkout their studio album which is amazing as well. Their sound is hard to describe, kind of like a funkadelic-jazz-rock that is so unique, you’ll never hear anything else like it.

So buckle up, and strap on the headphones for this fantastical ride…mostly because your wife definitely won’t like this one!