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I just met with Colby Meline for an informational interview. We had a wonderful conversation, and if your looking to fill a junior developer role, I would strongly recommend him. He is a highly motivated software engineer that is also a great communicator, currently finishing up his Masters degree.

To prepare for our discussion, I wrote 10 things on “Becoming Eggscelent.” We had a good chuckle on just the title alone. But hopefully others will find value in it as well. It’s a reference mostly to books, videos and people that have been helpful for me over the years. None of them really technical, but definitely help with personal development and self improvement (which helps build technical and other skills as well).

  1. Love God, family and treat others well, but set boundaries and prevent any kind of abuse
  2. Keep your sense of humor: Laugh at life, even if sucky things happen–especially when sucky things happen
  3. Be grateful: Each day write 3 things you are grateful for
  4. Be constantly learning: Ask questions and test things out
  5. Become so good they can’t ignore you. Work smarter, not harder.
  6. Take care of your mind and body
  7. Build relationships
  8. Negotiate, ace interviews, and better your tactics
  9. Embrace the suck
  10. Build wealth