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I was setting up an HP LJ4Plus as a printer for Hylafax in OpenSUSE 10.2, and received the error:
w2 invalid pers

All it needed was a driver change in CUPS. I used the CUPS+Gutenprint v5.0.0 driver Foomatic/hpijs driver, and now it works! Don’t use the Gutenprint one. It clips the output when printing. see above post

To get it working with Hylafax, I checked the installed printers by:
lpstat -a

This is what it listed:
hplj4p accepting requests since Thu May 17 17:16:16 2007

I then ran:
lpoptions -d hplj4p

This is what it listed:
job-sheets=none,none printer-info=’pr fax printer’ printer-is-accepting-jobs=1 p
rinter-is-shared=1 printer-make-and-model=’HP LaserJet 4 Plus - CUPS+Gutenprint
v5.0.0’ printer-state=3 printer-state-change-time=1179447376 printer-state-reaso
ns=none printer-type=4116

Then I ran a test print:
prfax:/var/spool/fax/recvq # tiff2ps fax000000001.tif | lpr