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I’m trying to workaround cygwin hanging when using rsync over ssh in a “pull” mode. I used to have it set up to where each box would “push” to a central server. It was irritating in that I had to keep a script for each box and it’s own cron job. So I changed to “pull” mode, and keep getting I/O timeouts .

Now I am going to try the following:
1) Run rsync in daemon mode on the multiple boxes:
<blockquote>cygrunsrv –install “rsyncd” –path /usr/bin/rsync –args “–daemon –no-detach” –desc “Starts a rsync daemon for accepting incoming rsync connections” –disp “Rsync Daemon” –type auto</blockquote>
2) In cron script create an ssh session with port forwarded:
<blockquote>ssh -f user@remote -L 8730:192.168.x.x:873 sleep 10</blockquote>
3)Run rsync command to “pull” from boxes via central server:
<blockquote> rsync –stats –progress –port=8730 -anvvzr localhost::apps/ /apps/</blockquote>
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