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The greatest band you’ve never heard of —Dredg

My little bros introduced me to this band, Dredg about 15 years ago. They are such a great original rock band, and hard to define their genre. The vocals from Gavin Hayes are entrancing, and the rest of the band works so amazingly well together. Here is a good definition for you: You know those rock bands that are really cool, but the lead singer sucks, and it’s ok because it’s part of the shtick? Well this is NOT that band. The vocals are hard to define; Think along the lines of Maynard James Keenan, but with the combined elegance of Jeff Buckley.

On a personal note, I feel lucky I chose to post about them since it led me to find out that they are done with their indefinite hiatus!

Check this live song, “Triangle” from Rockpalast 2009. Note the transition between 1:51-2:50 where the time and signature –or something extraordinary– changes. I’m not a musician, so don’t get mad that I don’t know exactly. Something glorious happens though…right at 2:10, and another ungodly voice maneuver at 2:30.

Live Album https://archive.org/embed/dredg2005-08-06.SBD.flac16

Interview with Gavin (2019)