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I was able to successfully negotiate 60% off MSRP for a large, multi-copier contract for my company.  These copiers are Sharp MFP’s, and can do scanning, faxing, copying, and printing.  I’m planning on doing a postmortem audit in a few months to see how much more productive my fellow employees are, and how much money we are saving.  The things I am considering for the audit are:

  • Decreased scanning time @ 75ppm vs 50ppm
  • Toner maintenance savings on old fax machine since we are routing faxes as e-mailed PDF's.
  • These machines have a 'push' scan so users can scan directly to e-mail, or a folder on the network without any computer interaction.
  • We were able to also integrate our LDAP directory into the address book for faster send times as well.
  • Cheaper maintenance contracts vs. competitors prices.

One cool thing that sold us on the machine was the full keyboard that slides out from under the console so addresses or fax numbers can be entered manually while at the machine.