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OpenBSD PF and OpenDNS

1 minute read

At home, I needed a way to prevent anything but OpenDNS from being used for DNS, and needed a rule that would do it in OpenBSD PF.

AWS IP Range Automation

less than 1 minute read

AWS provides a list of their IP ranges for you to use when configuring whitelists, firewalls, and other things. The list is available in JSON from:

AWS Data Migration Service

less than 1 minute read

I was just doing some testing of the AWS Data Migration Service (DMS), and it isn’t obvious when setting up endpoints that the public IP address of the repli...


less than 1 minute read

My daughter has played this song a few times for me called, “Doin’ Time” by Lana Del Rey. I had to explain to her that there is a better version, and that th...