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I found some old stuff from my senior project. Notice the Autobots logo? It is so sweet. The project consisted of sending IP strings over a cell phone to a server to control household appliances. We got it working. Too bad I didn’t know better back then about the evils of the Evile Empire.
Thought I’d post it.
Here is a description:

The RADMobile server application is the brain of the project, doing several necessary functions. The application first enables the serial port ready for sending commands to the appliances. Then it starts listening on a specified port number to allow cell phone commands to be received as a socket connection. When data is detected on the listening port, several things happen. The application parses the data received for valid commands. If it finds a valid command, it sends it to the appliance, turning it off or on. Then it sends an e-mail to the phone, or any users specified in the application the remote IP address that sent the command, what command was sent, followed by the date and time. All the while it is doing these things, it continues waiting for another command to be received. While testing the application, we had it popup message boxes of the string data received, and also had it write the most recent command to a file so we could see what was happening.
The program displays the system time, the host and remote system names, the host and remote IP addresses, how many connections have been made, the port it is listening on, and any string the remote cell phone sends. It also allows you to control the appliances with the buttons on the application.