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From my page here: http://www.benfrancom.com/space-captain-rowan/

I was a graphic designer in a previous life, and still love to get the creative juices flowing. After reading many a bedtime story to my kids, I realized how morbidly lame most of them were. I thought I could come up with my own book that sucked a little less. One of my other passions in life is open source software. I thought I’d mix the two here, and come up with an open book project utilizing various open source tools that I’ve used, and maybe some that I haven’t.

The working title of my book is Space Captain Rowan which follows a young space cadet on his zany adventures!  This will be my little side hobby to keep my sanity in check.  I’ll post concept art, and my progress, so stay tuned, and check out my blog section for updates!